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Modern Web Sites

Everyboby has been to modern web sites where it's frustrating just trying to read an article on the site because the vertical page scroll is constantly jumping and reformatting. This is because the page is constantly being refreshed with changing images, fonts or simply trying to finish loading the huge original set of static images, videos or ads. This situation is true even with very fast and responsive personal computers, But, it becomes even worse and more frustrating on mobile devices that don't possess the processing power to quickly and efficiently load all the the web page content in a timely manner.

Why is this typical of more and more sites? It's because the developers have pushed off most of the work load of graphical page processing to the client side device. That's you and your web browser. So, why has this become so popular with developers? It's because client side development now has many choices in selecting complete, client side development frameworks which takes the processing load off the web site's server. This is a good thing for the web site owner who already as an overloaded web server. But there needs to be a proper balance between server side processing and client side processing so the end user isn't so frustrated that they quickly close the page never to return to the site.

Annoying Content

Another thing to consider is that people are busy and want to get the information they need quickly because of the a huge amount of material available on the web with any search. Most people won't wait long for long loading sites or difficult to read web pages where they spend to much effort trying to chase down a constantly moving article or one with incessant ads popping up in front of the article one's trying to read. (Some sites really go nuts with this because it's paid ad content and they want to sell as many as they can on popular pages). One wonders how many advertisers realize that their high paid ad is seen as offensive and something to close as fast as it appeared by so many potential customers. The only thing sought on these ads is the 'X' to immediately close these annoying popups. This is especially true on pages viewed on mobile devices.

That being said, client site development is essential but it can't be over done with too many huge code libraries, that provide all the front end functionality, pushed down the internet connection to the client's browser to process all this code intensive content. This is where balanced development comes in to play. The web site owner needs to draw users into their site and not drive them away with out of control, front end content.

Proper Code Balance

At TTM Web, we develop sites with proper and distributed loading of both front and back end processing code that all users, (and especially mobile users) can enjoy without site frustration.

Free Site Building and Hosting

Today, web site owners can choose from a lot of free hosting services where they can develop their site for themselves, with their own effort, if they're willing to get comfortable with the free hosting service's templating system to design and build their site. These sites provide site development services through the use of a variety of "web templates" that look very professional and can provide a limited amount of "standard" functionality. This usually includes navigation menu systems, content editing and file uploading. Many can also provide an online store functionality but, this is where you start to incur large monthly fees for these services.

For the most part, these are great for small projects that don't involve a lot of time and work to build and maintain a small web site. But what many find out, is there often is a huge time and labor investment to build a decent looking site. A lot of time is often invested just learning to get familiar with the site's template building functionality. And then comes the time when a site owner may want additional features or functionality that may not be available on the free service at all. So what are some essentials for businesses?

Items that most businesses might need:
  • Custom forms to gather user information for emailing
  • Forms that store customer information to an online database
  • Forms that allow the owner to email out a newsletter or promotions to their customer base
  • A site that has become popular and the desire to sell ads on it
  • A Mobile friendly built site (which is absolutely essential today)
  • Competitive pricing.

So what happens when these free template driven sites can no longer provide the client's needs? You guessed it. One has to start from scratch with rebuilding an entire new web site on another hosting service that will provide the capability they need. This is because the templated site only runs on the programming developed by the free web hosting site's server. This means one cannot take the site that they put so many hours into bulding to another service. Even if they could somehow extract it, it wouldn't run on any other hosted service. People find this out only after they have invested hundreds of hours designing and building their free web site on these free hosting services only to eventually find out they can't use it at all on another web host. In other words, customers can't leave without abandoning all their time investment and hard work to go someplace else. This is called customer retention and the idea of offering free services works quite well at receiving paid monthly services down the road. When one arrives at this point, one can begin investing their money and even more time and labor to the effort but they still can't move the site to another service upon termination. Now you know why it's free to get started.

So, what does one do in this situation? Start over with another free web site sevice with different template functionality? Really? I don't think many would make the same mistake twice. Does anyone want a service they got locked into simply because they've invested too much time, money and hard work in the development of their site. At this stage, one realizes, the only thing that was really free was lots of their time and labor.

Make a Smart Decision

Today, we can get your business online quickly with domain name registration and Web site hosting. We can then provide ideas for the most cost effective solution. Just provide us with some of your existing brochures, business cards or flyers, and we'll do the rest.  You'll be surprised at how much you can do for so little and for any reason you wish to move your web site to another service, you are free to do so at any time and know that it will retain all the functionality that was built into the site.

At minimum, we can provide your business web presence with items such as:

  • Simply making your existing site "Mobile Friendly/Compatible"
  • A new logo design
  • Any kind of graphic design, photo enhancements or a collage of photos
  • Custom form development for data gathering
  • Web development options and the associated cost/benefit
  • Domain name registration and Web site hosting that you'll have complete control and ownership
  • Online customer inquiry submission forms that are sent directly to your Email inbox
  • Database design and backend programming
  • The ability to update and maintain your own site with a browser

The important point is, that you have complete control and ownership of everything we provide and are free to move or change to any service you prefer at any time. Are you able to do the same with the service where you're now currently hosted? If you already have a Web site, how happy are you with it's performance, exposure, user navigation features and maintenance fees? Is the site Mobile friendly? (This is critical today). You may wish to consider making a change. Just send us an inquiry using our "Contact Us" form. We'll let you know what's involved with just making a change, complete redevelopment of your site or breaking away from your current service. If it's just a change of hosting service, we can analyze your web site's programming to see what hosting services can run all your web site's applications for the best price. We'll then do all the work of making the move and changes for you. You'll then be in a better position to decide what enhancements work best for your business exposure.